originally posted October 7, 2015Rangers_Angels_115

Oh man, have things changed since my last baseball post.  

Cole Hamels had yet to throw his no-hitter against the Cubs. Napoli was playing for the struggling Red Sox. Everyone wanted Shin-soo Choo gone and willing to pay any price to make that happen. Most thought the Astros were running away with the division, or at the very least the Angels would make a run at it. And the Rangers would have to wait until 2016.

 Cole Hamels pitched game 162 and it meant something.

Last time Mike Napoli played in a Rangers uniform, he was a catcher.  Now he’s a platoon left fielder, first basemen.

Shin-soo Choo? He went from “designated out” to the most reliable guy at the plate.

 The Texas Rangers won the AL West Division. In 2015. After everyone told them to wait until next year.


Jeff Banister deserves Manager of the Year. 

Much like Shin-soo Choo, at the beginning of this season, I was not Banister’s biggest fan and I questioned Banister a lot. And I was wrong.

Regardless of how far the Rangers go into postseason, you can’t convince me another manager deserves Manager of the year more.

Postseason Predictions

Now it’s easy for me to sit here and say “The Rangers are going all the way this year” because I’m a huge fan and obviously biased. And as a fan I’m so proud to see this team get this far and truly embrace Banister’s message of ‘Never Ever Quit.’ 

It seems a lot of people are counting the Rangers out in this series against Toronto.CQpR69LUYAApowr

In fact, ESPN experts voted unanimously in only one division series. And they all picked Toronto.

 However, like a lot of opinions I’ve seen on twitter and MLB network, if the Rangers can win at least one of the first two games in Toronto, they can very easily take this series.

If the Rangers make it on to play in the ALCS, I’m not really sure if I’d rather them face Kansas or the Astros. Part of me is really sick of playing Houston and facing Keuchel but I really love the rivalry that’s been formed.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind either the Cubs or Pittsburgh win the wild card spot. As long as they kick butt against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Because if the universe decides to play a joke and have a Rangers/Cardinals World Series it could be the worst thing ever; all you’d hear about for seven games is 2011 and I would be just fine never talking about or seeing that World Series again. (Unless of course the Rangers were to beat them, then it’d be the ultimate comeback story.)

It’d just be nice to see a National League team in the World Series other than them. Last time the NL team in the World Series wasn’t the Cardinals or the San Francisco Giants, was 2009. It’s time for another team to make it.

Not too sure about Dodgers/Mets series. Dodgers haven’t done too well the last couple of years in the postseason but it sounds like this series could be either team’s series. Personally I’d like to see the Mets win just because they’ve been the underdog for so long.

However the postseason turns out, I would love to see the Rangers prove everyone wrong and go to the World Series, and I think they can make it. And I think they can win.

 Because if they’ve proved anything this season, don’t underestimate them.



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