originally posted February 22, 2016


Isn’t Murphy just the cutest? I thought it was about time he was on the blog. Although getting him to take pictures wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. While he is pretty good at sitting, he gets distracted easy and doesn’t exactly care to face the camera.

Between him dragging me on the walk, being totally over sitting in the middle of the street taking pictures (unable to chase birds and squirrels), and the crazy wind; the shirt was basically my motto for the entirety of taking these pictures. “You’re killing me Smalls.”

If you know me, you know I needed this shirt. Not only do I say this phrase, at minimum, five times a day. Every baseball fan loves the Sandlot, right?


Shirt: target// jeans: old navy// sunglasses: charlotte russe// (fake) converse: payless



^ This is when Murphy started to hate the pictures. He’s barking because we wouldn’t let him go where we wanted to, which happened to be the storm drain.


 ^ So he decided to lay down in protest of taking any more pictures.


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