originally posted November 23, 2015

Hey look another vest! Have I mentioned I love vests?

I bought this vest from Old Navy and absolutely LOVE IT! It comes in a ton of colors, and if I could I’d totally get the maroon one and probably the black one.  One thing I love about vests that I forgot to mention in my previous post, I feel like they’re just as warm as a jacket but not as much of a hassle. It’s not annoying to take on and off when going from inside in class to walking around outside like coats are. Also it’s fleece lined so super comfy 😉

Lately my mom and I have been going on daily walks in the morning so obviously in an effort to be comfy I wear leggings (but also let’s be real, I wear leggings 97% of the time, so do I really need the excuse?) but even though I’m just taking a walk around the neighborhood, sometimes I still want to look cute. You never know who you’ll see!  So I got for a more casual but put together look, totally blog worthy right? 

I mentioned it on instagram last week, forever21 and Old Navy leggings do not get enough love! Forever21 leggings are $4. FOUR DOLLARS! That’s less than most drinks at starbucks. And they’re some of my favorite. Most people probably assume they’re thin/slightly see-through for that price, but honestly, they’re some of the best I’ve had and lasted the longest. Old Navy leggings are also really great and lately at least once a week they’ve been on sale for $5, definitely worth checking out! 

Also probably worth mentioning Target leggings aren’t bad either, although I do find that after a few months, they stretch out but not back in so they kind of become baggy as they lose their elasticity.


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