Originally posted June 22, 2015edit

First blog post with my short hair, I still wake up expecting my hair to be long, like cutting it was a dream. And even though it looks like my hair is darker, it’s totally not. Some days I swear my hair looks more brunette than blonde but I’m still going to pull the blonde card when I need it.

 Can we talk about this shirt? As a huge One Tree Hill fan, as soon as I saw it at target, I knew I needed it. And while it’s not the exact name of the awesome clothing brand by B. Davis (Clothes over Bros) I still can’t help but love it.

Also fun fact, shot almost this entire look before I looked up at the balcony above me and realized it was almost completely covered in wasp nests. Still thanking God I didn’t get stung. #blessed

894 SHIRT, SHORTS, HEELS: target// PURSE: forever21// NECKLACE: francesca’s1

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