originally posted March 26,201513.jpg

I never really understood why some bloggers would take pictures of multiple outfits in one day, why not just take pictures of the outfit you wore the day you wear it and post it the next day?

I mean that just makes sense to me.

But then I realized why.

 And there are multiple reasons really (#bloggerprobz).

  • The weather is not your friend and it will rain multiple days a week (usually it’ll rain the day you plan to wear a cute outfit and take pictures. Thanks Texas.)

  • Some days you’re just not feelin cute and life is a struggle (almost a daily thing)

  • Most days it’s just a nike shorts/leggings and t-shirt kind of day (totally not blog worthy)

With these realizations, I understand why a lot of bloggers take pictures of multiple outfits in one day. Much easier to plan and post more regularly #bloggerintraining

sidenote : TOTALLY obsessed with all things tassels! Can you tell? Even this purse used to have a tassel on it (it broke off the first day I wore it *cries*

DRESS & SHOES: target// SUNGLASSES & TASSEL NECKLACE: versona// PURSE & RINGS: forever21 (totally didn’t mean to wear two things from each store but those are my fav stores!)


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